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Health Care Tips :

  • “Eggs”iting news!
    Suffering from memory loss or stress? Do you feel “alert enough? Choline is the answer to these problems! Choline is the fat-like substance, akin to Vitamin B, found in eggs. This food component is known to improve memory amongst the ageing, reduces fatigue and makes the mind more alert! So, now you know why eggs are good for you…
  • The bony truth…
    Calcium is a fussy mineral, and works better under certain conditions. Consider taking your calcium supplement at bedtime, rather than in the morning. If taken along with a 500mg Vitamin C supplement, calcium is absorbed better. Antacids, coffee and tea can hinder calcium absorption, so it is wise to take your calcium supplement prior to these..
  • Extra virgin Olive Oil
    Why olive oil? It can reduce blood pressure, control glucose levels in diabetics, and it has the ability to reduce the total cholesterol, that clogs arteries, and leads to cardiac problems. Extra virgin olive oil is got from the first pressing of the olives, and it is considered the healthiest for consumption.
  • 24 Carrots…
    Heard of Betacarotene? That is what imparts the bright orange colour to carrots, and betacarotene is converted to Vitamin A by the body. It works wonders: reduces the risk for cancer, improves vision, skin and hair, slows down ageing and wrinkles and delays the onset of cardio-vascular disease and osteoporosis. Carrots aren’t only for the bunnies….
  • Computer eyes…
    Working for long hours at the computer can harm your eyes! The first indication is “dry eyes”. When you are working on the computer the tendency is to blink less often, than otherwise. This can lead to dry eyes. Try to blink as often as you can, and learn to take short breaks from the monitor.
  • Take a step forward…
    We all know walking is good for health. Do you know why? Walking exercises every limb in your body. It improves circulation and builds up the heart rate. It also helps build collaterals: these are small arteries that connect two larger coronary arteries and they provide an alternate route for blood flow, a sort of detour in case of blocked arteries. Take a step forward! It could save your life….
  • Go Green…
    So, you love your cuppa’! Did you know green tea not only has excellent anti-oxidants, it is also known to prevent heart ailments, cancer and arthritis. It protects the liver from degenerative diseases, since the antioxidants protect the liver cells and strengthen and stimulate the immune system.
  • Know your onions…
    Did you know, onions are anti-clotting agents? Onions are known to be effective in controlling blood sugar, relieve bronchial congestion and improve cardiovascular health. The pungency in onions works as a decongestant, acts as an antibiotic and can help fight cholesterol.
  • Weighty Issues…
    If losing weight is your dream, and it remains just that, you might be interested in knowing some golden nuggets….the inability to lose weight, despite diet control and regular exercise, may indicate an under-active Thyroid. Other symptoms include lethargy, memory loss and unexplained exhaustion. Don’t neglect these symptoms, consult your doctor rightaway.
  • “Hear & There”
    We often forget to take care of our ears! If you thought cleaning your ears with a mere cotton bud would suffice, think again! It is wise to have an annual examination of your ears by an ENT to ensure everything is well.If you have enjoyed these tips, do write in and tell us! We’re waiting to hear from you….